Grillon flour has arrived

A delicious, local, ethical and ecological superfood.

Tapenade Crickets Aubergine

On sandwiches, as an aperitif or as a sauce in pasta, eggplant cricket tapenade can enjoy crickets as part of our eating habits.


Produced in collaboration with the adapted work company, Ferme Nos Pilifs, Crickers (Cricket Crackers) are a protein boost for an aperitif or a healthy snack. They contain as much protein and more vitamin B12 than meat.

Bags of dried crickets

Crisp and healthy, our crickets can be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a seasoning for dishes and salads. Flavors: Garlic and parsley, Nature, smoked, tomato.

Cricket Tubes

A healthy product that can be consumed as is, as an aperitif or in the kitchen. When you buy a tube, you will receive a recipe booklet.
When you buy a tube, get a free recipe booklet to inspire you to cook!