Our values

From the ecological point of view we are able to highlight several positive aspects, we saw that for the same amount of food, the insect will provide us 25 times more protein than beef or it takes 300 times less water for insects than for cattle.

Our goal is to prove that a project full of ethic and principles can be very profitable. Moreover, an economy operating with such principles preserves the common good rather than the individual good as we currently live in the current economy.

Little Food is based on the principle of a man, a voice. Moreover, it’s a company where the team atmosphere is paramount.

” The taste of our products is essential and sought to fill the hedonistic part of our project. “

The fact of feeding allows us to integrate elements external to our own material. We want to offer a food rich in meaning.

In addition, the cricket has exceptional nutritional characteristics : Nutritional contributions.

As an entrepreneur, we are endowed with an adventurous spirit and believe in a promising future.

Being practiced by 2 billion human beings on earth, entomophagy (consumption of insects by humans) allows us to get out of our comfort zone by exploring our own barriers. Eating crickets allow us to travel and thus introduce us to other cultures.