How do we raise them?

Our goal is to find the lowest carbon footprint as possible for our livestock.

The feed

Our crickets are fed with organic foods! We only feed them with feedstocks from the food industry: the residues of flax oil and organic sunflower pressing are the main ingredients of their diet. We also improve the "waste" flows of the agro-industry and value them thoroughly (1kg -> 850gr crickets). Using these flows, we practice the circular economy and close loops.

The Habitat

Of a cavernicultural nature, the cricket likes to slip into interstices between shadow and light. We provide him with a cell of egg box. He prefers, however, to visit his neighbor and lodge with two, leaving his home free to another.

the living conditions

The cricket likes tropical temperatures. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with the heat input intelligently. With crowdfunding money, we have isolated our farm and invested in a heat exchanger that allows us to recover 90% of our own heat while having optimal ventilation. For our next breeding we are looking for ecological heat sources (solar energy, heat recovery of computer servers, ...)

The "end of life"

We kill crickets in adulthood by scalding. Because of their small size and the shallow depth of their central nervous system, contact with boiling water kills them immediately and painlessly. This method guarantees respect for the animal. In addition, thermal shock also serves as sterilization.