Little Food wants to contribute to the construction of food systems : the future is now. To do this, our mission is to integrate our crickets into the daily diet by creating a sustainable production chain.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) is a “concept in which companies integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into their activities and their interactions with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis.”

Maïté Mercier


Maïté understood that insects have great potential to feed the world.

Nikolass Viaene


Eco-conscious, Nikolaas was attracted by the project and came to bring him his environmental knowledge.

Raphaël Dupriez


Raphaël, adventurer who discovered the possibility of eating insects in the rainforest.

David Mellett


For David, the interest for Little Food is to change people’s relationship with food through insects

Producer, preparer and promoter of the cricket as a food

Circular economy

The circular economy means that residual products from a production activity are used as inputs for another activity, and therefore are no longer considered as waste : the cricket’s dropping are used as fertilizer. We feed our crickets only with agricultural co-products. Linseed oil and BIO sunflower oil pressing residues are the main ingredients for feeding our insects.

Local products

Our crickets are raised in Laeken and their food comes from producers located in Brussels and its surroundings. In addition, we are particularly attentive to the origin of the ingredients that we marry our crickets in our preparations and products. Local and ecological aspects take precedence.

Urban agriculture

With urban agriculture, transport flows are minimized. By opening the doors to the public, we guarantee transparency and direct contact between the consumer and the producer. We also allow the development of a new dynamic in the heart of the city.

Organic farming

Organic farming is a production system that minimizes inputs and respects the natural conditions of products. As a result, it contributes to maintaining the health of soils, ecosystems and people. Attached to these values, we feed our crickets only with organic foods.


They share our vision and contribute to our project !